You WILL Overcome the Negatives of Your Past – A Rev. Ike Motivational Testimony and Song

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32 thoughts on “You WILL Overcome the Negatives of Your Past – A Rev. Ike Motivational Testimony and Song”

  1. I have overcome all the negatives of the past. Thank you God in me! I am so glad to have discovered the presence, the power, the potential and the master mind of God-in-me! Hallelujah! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. This man was ahead of his time, this is some life changing lessons. I am so grateful to the people that are sharing such profound thought provoking messages. I am blessed beyong measure and I am excited about the abundance of blessings, prosperity, money, happiness, love, peace and grace that is being poured into my inner most being. God is indeed Good.

  3. I've been watching these Reverend Ike videos the past few days and I wanted to express my deepest most sincere level of gratitude to the channel admin. I can relate with Reverend so much and his down-to-earth message makes me KNOW anythig is possible once I set my mind to it. I cannot wait to report my successes soon. 🙂

  4. People please wake up.. these teachings are FALSE DOCTRINES of devils. This cant save your life when you die and don’t know jesus nobody will care how great of a life you lived all that matters is if you knew the LORD. You can only know GOD through JESUS stop listening to people saying you have the god in you. You have god in you when you accept CHRIST we are not born with God in us.. stop listening to this devilish teachings and read your bible and pray for discernment instead

  5. "When you find out who you are, it doesn't matter what you've been." -Rev Ike
    This one got me a little emotional.
    Im so grateful for this channel and the wise Rev. Ike may your wisdom and teachings live on forever. #RIP #Grateful 💕🙌🏾

  6. Divine amnesia is the new teaching I’ve learned. Right now is the gift; the present. All else isn’t real anymore. We must let go/ forget about it. That is hard, I know, but, it must be done, so we can live intentionally now in our divine nature. It’s our birthright to be happy. Even when we have forgotten our vows to live whole heartedly as the God within us all, we turn the inner light on again, we hop on into the caravan of self love and try again and again and again.

  7. Thank u 🙏🏾this week I have been down with God I’m overcoming all & I’m getting hold of myself & experience the joy of living 🙏🏾🙏🏾I will overcome the past 🙌🏾🙌🏾thank u 😘🙏🏾

  8. I am thankful for all the multitude of wisdom that I now have, so that I can administer them in my daily encounters to enrich my personal experiences. Thank you God in me.

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