Dr Neha Gupta, a widely known Obstetrician & Gynecologist talks about dwelling cures to stop vaginal discharge. On this video, Dr. Neha Gupta, a widely known obstetrician and gynecologist, talks about dwelling cures associated to prevention and prevention of vaginal discharge (vaginal discharge). A number of the HOME cures embrace: A number of the main dwelling cures are as follows: 1) PERSONAL HYGIENE Wash personal areas with water Use betadine as soon as a day Keep away from utilizing intimate washes 1- Care for cleanliness Wash your genitals with water. Use Betadine as soon as a day. Keep away from utilizing intimate wash. 2) COMFORTABLE CLOTHES Want cotton or hosiery Keep away from artificial materials Keep away from tight becoming garments wash garments with detergent 2- Put on snug garments, put on cotton (cotton) or hosiery garments. Scale back using artificial clothes. Don’t put on very tight garments. Wash garments completely with detergent. 3) COSMETIC PRODUCTS Keep away from deodorants and perfumes Use petroleum jelly or coconut oil 3- Keep away from utilizing beauty merchandise deodorant and perfumes. Use petroleum jelly or coconut oil. 4) PUBLIC TOILETS Use bathroom seat sanitizers Keep away from contact with seat Place bathroom paper on seat 4- Public bathroom (public bathroom) Use seat sanitizer when utilizing public bathroom. As a substitute of sitting instantly on the bathroom seat, sit on it with bathroom paper. 5) MENSTRUAL HYGIENE Keep away from artificial pads Use cotton pads Use natural pads 5) Keep away from hygiene artificial pads throughout menstruation. Use cotton pads. Use natural pads. 6) SAFE SEX PRACTICE All the time use condoms All the time wash personal areas Go urine after intercourse 6) Have secure intercourse All the time use condom throughout intercourse. All the time wash the genitals and hold them clear. Urinate after intercourse. Subscribe to our channel for extra movies and get a solution to your queries: http://bit.ly/Subscribe_1mg vaginal discharge, dwelling cures for white discharge, white discharge, dwelling cures for vaginal itching and burning, dwelling cures, vaginal itching, white discharge dwelling cures, vaginal yeast an infection, itching vigina dwelling cures, vaginal an infection, vaginal discharge therapy, white discharge in ladies, white discharge therapy in hindi, white discharge downside in hindi, vaginal, likoria dwelling therapy in hindi. Join with us on: – To seek the advice of a specialist physician http://bit.ly/2PwD6QA Fb: https://www.fb.com/1mgOfficial Go to our web site at http://bit.ly/Subscribe_1mg.