Vegetarian Pie From 1769

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28 thoughts on “Vegetarian Pie From 1769”

  1. I would use bulgur (wheat groats). Boiling them in a cheesecloth bag or muslin square tied into a bag would make them nice and stick and good for holding the greens together. People in Newfoundland still make savory and sweet puddings boiled in bags in their stew. Very yummy!

  2. I would substitute turnip greens for spinach — I don’t like the taste of spinach. I might double the amount of turnip greens and omit the beet greens, too. The pie sounds super easy to make and really good. But where’s the nutmeg?😉 Just kidding. Love your channel!

  3. Your enthusiasm for historical cooking is magical, I love watching your content because you are very genuinely interested in the cooking as well as the history behind it. As long as you keep making fantastic content you will have a viewer in me.

  4. Even with unsweetened oatmeal, leaving out the apple (would have used a cooking apple such as a Gr. Smith), and subbing the greens for broccoli and a bit too much Parmesan cheese, it was pretty delicious for a quick-y dinner. Will try it in a pie sometime. I think of it as swapping rice for oats, anyway.

  5. I just found your channel and your content is just plain pleasant to watch. Thanks for sharing all this stuff with us. I might actually make this, my family is primarily vegetarian.

  6. In the movie, Scrooge (musical), they refer to "pudding" (Christmas). Is this a period food tradition or just holiday treat? How was it made? How was it packaged?

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