Vegans Vs. Meat Eaters: What Is The Proper Weight loss program?

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Can vegans and meat eaters find middle ground in their beliefs on food? We brought them together to discuss food ethics, personal preferences, and why they eat what they do. SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉 👈

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37 thoughts on “Vegans Vs. Meat Eaters: What Is The Proper Weight loss program?”

  1. “ Why would I save an animal I knew its whole life over some random human”
    Why would a common little frog or fish matter than an intellectual that you can connect with? These YouTube channels need to find actuall smart vegans not some boi who eats plants

  2. Hippies should starve to death because its proven plants feel, the breath, the take in sunshine, they soak up vitamins, nutrients, they eat, they breed (seeds) they sleep, they drink, and they are connected to "MOTHER EARTH" if you want to get hippy-fied.

  3. Animals are just animals as great and friendly as you can be with animals, they are just animals they have no spirit and I don't give a fudge what people hippys think of the spirit of the wolf no! They don't have a spirit atleast not like Man kind which is in the image and likeness to God with intelligence.

  4. I'll try to say this quote is best as I can from Steve Irwin who is a huge role model if mine and many if I where to eat a cow that would feed me let's say 4A a month the land the cow needs I could still grow trees there which could support life like kangaroos wallabies goannas and other animals. if I were vegan same land to grow the vegetables could not grow trees or support other life
    What I gather from this is he saying that saving an animal such as a cow by being vegan is preventing other animals and other life from living

  5. Is it the foods fault that their vegan parent died because it wasnt vegan or that she ate to much food that is disgusting how much ice cream their mom. Ate

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