Am I poor, remoted and nervous? Do I’ve any regrets? I reply you on this video after 6 years of veganism. 0:13 The start of my veganism: difficulties and helps 5:10 Well being: obligatory meals dietary supplements? 14:19 Invitation and outings: my options 19:29 Each day life: discovering your bearings and transferring ahead 25:12 Environment: reactions and discussions 29:38 Right this moment: Regrets? Listing of vegan / anti-species sources: Websites / blogs and books: Vegan Pratique: Les cahiers antispécistes: https: // www. Antigone XXI: Natasha inexperienced echoes: (she additionally handled veganism whereas being pregnant if you’re on this topic) Plea for animals _ Matthieu Ricard: Ten myths of the dairy trade – Elise Desaulniers: -a-lait-dix-mythes-de-l-industrie-laitiere-elise-desaulniers / Planète vegan _ Ophélie Véron: Experiences / movies: Earthlings (TW): (watch free on YouTube) Blackfish (TW) Dwell and let dwell Cowspiracy Well being: Medical and scientific positions on vegan consuming: https: // vegan-practice. f r / advice-vegetarian-nutrition / medical-and-scientific-positions / Vivelab12: La B12 Veg1: b12-veg1 What the well being (report) Well being on the plate (report) The sport Changers (report) Concerning iron: ~: textual content = The% 20sources% 20v% C3% A9g% C3% A9tales% 20de% 20fer, of meals% 20riches% 20en% 20fer. Concerning soybeans: What to examine in your vegan blood check: ferritinemia, vitamin B9 (additionally referred to as folates), methylmalonic acid within the urine (for testing for vitamin B12 deficiency) and calcemia. For the remaining (blood sugar, lipid stability …) Entourage: My article solutions to frequent questions on veganism: Information: The referendum for animals: • •• Promo codes (some are affiliate codes): • • • -10% with the code “OKARA10” on the FEMPO web site (new code till as of August 31, 2020) article and video: -10% with the code “LAPETITEOKARA” on the Warmcook web site: – 5% with the code “OKARA” on the web site: – 5% with the code “LAPETITEOKARA” on KoRo’s web site: – 10% with the code “LAPETITEOKARA” at Aglaïa & Co: My recipe ebook “Vegan soups with character »: Https:// All my movies are subtitled because of your assist. Subtitles are made within the week following the posting. INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: PINTEREST: BLOG: EMAIL: #vegan #regrets #carences.