Be taught Vedic Sounds By means of English Script :

Meanings :
O Germ ! I kill you with the Mantra revealed by the Rishis Atri,Kanva and Jamadagni.The chief of the germs was killed by the Mantra revealed by Visvaavasu,a Gandharva.Remainder of the leaders have been additionally killed.The mom and father of the germs have been destroyed.All sorts of germs – Huge and small,black and white have been killed.Furthermore,the germs within the our bodies of animals like cows and horses have been additionally killed.We provide the havis within the homa,within the Yagasala.Equally,by this mantra,we preserve the enemies,within the toot of Yama.We will hearken to the crushing sound of the enemies,whereas they’re killed.Om Shanti : shanti : shanti :

Audio credit : Parthi and Pujyasri Omkarananda Mahaswamigal

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