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30 thoughts on “This One Discipline Will Supercharge Your Mind Power – Rev. Ike's The Disciple Series – Thaddeus”

  1. As of this Monday I WAS HOMELESS.. since I've been listening to the late Reverend Ike the past couple of months.. I have stop panhandling… I started finding 10 20 50 dollars in cash money everywhere still finding money.. and used his techniques to envision myself off the streets and in a house of my own I signed up for Section 8 from the Los Angeles homeless Exodus program where I was granted Section 8 then they begin helping me search for apartments and when I got to the fourth one I got tired of the search.. and said to myself.. after I went into the closet of this Empty Apartment and shut the door and said .".right here and right now..this is..MY.. new home AND.. NOBODY wants this place but ME..and going to be living here but me .. so be it and it is now".. and went to the EXODUS men's house ..and went into my room turn off the lights and everything and started to imagine myself presently living and sleeping in that apartment from that night on …Monday morning when I was called to the management office of the apartment with my LA homeless representative.. who was shocked at the speed of how fast they approved me 4 that apartment he said he's worked for the homeless 4 2 years and they never give up a place beyond 2 to 3 months they gave me the place outright in two days… because I took it from them.. by sleeping in that place in my imagination.. for two nights straight caused them to change their whole routine in the time they take to approve somebody for one of their places or properties .. SO thankful NOW BY GOD IN ME.. I AM..out of homelessness happier than I've ever been

    Blessings peace and prosperity to all of you..
    beautiful gods That
    . "you are "

  2. Such an intelligent man. And he has changed my view on the bible; Or perhaps he has put things into perspective for me. It makes sense when presented in this way.

  3. This is when you have to be discerning in your information. If it wasn't for Witch – Wise Woma – Craft there would BE no church. Lol where do you think altars and candle lighting and all of your rituals come from..hiwever Rev Ike was no dummy either so I guess he maybe made that Horrendous statement because he wanted to rake in those sheep to empower them without scaring them. Either way, manifestation, what is being spoken about, mind power OS WITCHCRAFT 😂

  4. I can't stop saying thank you enough thank you thank you thank you this is so very true I love God I love praising him through everything I just praise him all day long! Every time I think of anything big or small I just be so happy and just praise him He's so good I really love this message thank you thank you again love you !❤🙏😇❤

  5. hi.. this man always deliver powerful message.. but he lost me.. when he try compare vodou to.. witchcraft.

    .i hate to say ..he was just like the typical christian… because he is not…..he was different…because he was close friends with the ones… named sense and reason!…

    but.. he failed to realize that just like ALL those abrahamic religions.. …there is good and bad in vodou… and all other spiritual beliefs.. the terrorist tried to beat out of our ancestors!….. FYI.. king james full of witchcraft! and superstitions … blessed

  6. I love💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 you so much spirit guide I know you know how much lol thank you for been with me before I was born in physical form I bet you it was you where that" Good girl smart girl pretty girl" saying to my lazet came from and when I say to my Jay " You are the kindest person I knw" and etc.. now let me see what I can learn

  7. WOW!!! And DR Emotoko of Japan did the water experiment how many decades later, after Rev Ike was referring to the same concept? Vibration & thought can make something grow or can stunt it!!

  8. 😁😎😘🤑🤘👍🖖👋❤💚💙💗💖💕💜💫⭐🌠🌟🔥⚡🔥🌞🌈🍀🌈🌸🌺🥀🌹🌼🌻🐝🐞🦋🐸🦉🐉🦁🐒🦄🐺🦊🎆🎵✨🎶🧞‍♀️🗝💵💰💵💰

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