In case you imagine that you’re on the mercy of your genetic code, nice information, you are not. In keeping with the science of epigenetics (the examine of how environmental elements exterior of DNA affect modifications in gene expression), stem cells and even DNA will be altered by way of magnetic fields, coronary heart coherence, optimistic psychological states and intention. Prime scientists world wide agree: genetic determinism is a flawed idea.
Lipton’s idea is confirmed by Carlo Ventura, M.D., Ph.D., professor and researcher on the College of Bologna in Italy. Dr. Ventura has proven by way of lab testing that the DNA of stem cells will be altered utilizing magnetic subject frequencies.
“It is like a time machine. You are reprogramming in some way backward with these cells to an unsure state wherein any type of choice is in some way attainable; even the choice to develop into nearly any type of cell of the organism. And simply take into consideration the super potential of this discovery.”

Dr. Bruce Lipton.……


HeartMath Institute

HeartMath Institute

HeartMath Institute
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