On this guided meditation with Zen grasp Hinnerk Polenski, we let our breath lead us into deep meditative silence. Our exhalation exhibits us the way in which into silence, the way in which to ourselves. There, being and with it the which means – our personal, very private which means – could be very shut and perceptible. Meditation begins at 02:40 minutes. Extra details about Hinnerk Polenski and the Zen monastery Buchenberg || You will discover Zen & Meditation at: https://hinnerkpolenski.com/ https://www.daishinzen.de https://zen-kloster.de/ https://www.instagram.com/hinnerk_polenski https: // www .fb.com / DaishinZen / https://www.youtube.com/c/ZenKlosterBuchenbergZenMeisterHinnerkPolenski.