The Amazing or most Non Amazing Meeting ? You decide :) – Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra discusses the upcoming assembly {of professional} Skeptics. Are they actual skeptics or pseudodkeptics ? Is Science prepared for a paradigm shift ? Please be part of the dialogue.

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27 thoughts on “The Amazing or most Non Amazing Meeting ? You decide :) – Deepak Chopra”

  1. Chopra are you nuts ??? What ta hell are you talking about ??? Aren't you also interested in finding a trough ??? Randy is not a scientist, he is not claiming to be one. All he does is testing people who are claiming something that they can do. What is wrong with that ????? He is looking for the trough and being a mirror to the ones that claim that they got some kind of talent or developed extraordinary some abilities. If you have this challenge to Randy Randy, I'm wondering what is your challenge to a bathroom mirror if you got one. When a mirror is showing you "you" ???? Are you also pissed off at it ???? and asking it to show you a heaven or beauty Quinn ??? Chopra you really disappointed me !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Definitely Non-Amazing, rather Amusing. After watching some of their self-congratulatory videos it's apparent that these pseudoskeptics are, at the very least, pathological narcissists. Entirely consistent with a rationalist/materialist mindset.

  3. Is not a belief in skepticism also only a belief and not a known?  Brilliant challenge Dr. Chopra Ha!!!  The new atheists would have to prove that God, wholeness, oneness, expanding consciousness, including selflessness, actually exist.  They will find these answers in their own humility, I believe…

  4. So now Deepak devotes his time to divert the attention from his woo-woo by attacking skepticism.

    Why not just providing scientific evidence for your bullshit (which you can't) instead of attacking the one principle that should rule all scientific work in the world: skepticism?  

    What is wrong about showing the world that people like you are nothing but scam artists, elaborate versions of snake oil salesmen?

  5. Wow, Mr. Chopra, a lot of hateful and derogatory language here against skeptics.  You're obviously not conscious about feeling threatened and displaying the manifestations of your fears on YouTube! 🙂

  6. Dr. Chopra, your competitive manner toward those who question your credibility seems quite vain and childish.  It's disappointing to see you take the beliefs of others so personally.  You don't have to convince anyone.  

  7. Invite someone to join you or to talk with you after spitting out ad hominem after ad hominem…..I see his demeanor hasnt changed at all since Dawkins interviewed him last.  Still the same passive aggressive hypocrite.

  8. Well said, Dr. Chopra.  Many "skeptics" who follow Randi, are duped into being gullible pseudo-skeptics.  Their "reason" is to use ridicule and ad hominems attacks, instead of critical thinking.

  9. You invite the "pseudo-skeptics" to a have a civil conversation, and then call them "self-appointed vigilantes for the suppression of curiosity, creativity, imagination, legitimate scientific inquiry." Really? Very childish and hypocritical.

  10. Deepak, you are an absolute idiot, and are horrendous in debates. None of your statements are backed up with any actual evidence, it's just opinion, just give up, and stop deluding people's mind with your bullshit for profits.

  11. I thank God every day for People like You. WELL DONE. I hope that some day I will have the privilege to meet you. All the World should be Proud of you. THANK YOU

  12. This is going to be epic! Thanks for sharing this news. I believe it is very important to listen to each other's opinions. We all have something to learn from each other and in this particular case, let see if you all grown up wise, intelligent people have the enogh mutual respect to LISTEN to each other and " Give birth " to something new. You will set the example of : the battle of the Egos. Do you want to be right? or do you want to have peace of mind

  13. What's to debate?! We each have our own perspective, if someone agrees with you 100% you're both lying to yourselves.

    There's no agreement to be had.

    "A man dragged against his own opinion today, enters the next day with a more defiant position then settles into his comfort, as he had begun the day before yesterday"

    Just stop talking; then you may hear.

  14. lol you are a joke. Please stick to the facts and not to the supernatural which have no evidence on its side. Science = about the natural world. The paranormal – supernatural = bullshit/religion/blind faith.

  15. Thank you Deepak. The more I think about it the sillier they seem. Seeing as  it is merely just their own belief/opinion that they're trying to militarize.  I don't see how they see what they're doing as being beneficial to anyone.

  16. Dear Deepak,
    Please consider closely,your words. This unfavourable rambling of GOD knows what, is NOT the Deepak Chopra we know, love and respect. Forget them. Life is too short to waste even (1) one fraction of time and/or space. I AM in THIS moment and frankly Sir, you disappoint me.
    GOD SPEED. Elizabeth Basso

  17. "I've been watching Randi in action for some 25 years now, and find him to be a deeply dishonest, self-serving figure. (Am I the only one who remembers even Arthur C. Clarke questioning his methods in a study on dowsers that was featured on Clarke's TV show?)

    As just one example: there was a TV show in the 70s where Randi was flown to the South Pacific Islands to check out some remarkable fire walkers, and finally had to admit on camera that he couldn't explain their uncanny skills (which involved walking on coals far hotter than the sort of rocks used in human potential workshops, say). Then, several weeks later he appeared on some American talk show shamelessly reciting his usual line that he'd "never seen any phenomenon I couldn't explain."

    This may be armchair psychoanalysis, but I sense a quality of emotional repression with quite a few of these figures–what might be described as a fear of the feminine, and an aversion to the more intuitive, wholistic side/capacities of the brain. (I won't go into some of the rumors swirling around the personal lives of some of these figures–use your imagination [and Google]–but they do seem to bear this out.) Perhaps so-called "irrational" phenomena or anomalies trigger an intensely emotional response in them for that reason. That may not hold true for honest skeptics, but it does seem to explain the case of chronic debunkers, IMO."

    Excerpt, comments section taken from "The Myth of the Million Dollar Challenge",

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