Intercourse & Spirituality – The 12 Ideas with Deepak Chopra, MD

Sex & Spirituality – The 12 Principles with Deepak Chopra, MD
1. Sexual Energy is the primal and creative energy of the universe
2. Sexual desire is sacred and chaste
3. During sexual union there is union between flesh and spirit
4. Bliss, carefreeness, joy, playfulness are the essence of sex & spirit
5. To improve your sexual experiences get rid of your expectations-performance, feeling, security
6. Resistance is born of fear and all resistance is mental.
7. Sexual intimacy is road to the taste or experience of true freedom
8. Sexual fulfillment comes from playfulness instead of needs
9. All problems related to sex can be traced to inhibition, suppression and repression โ€” not to the sexual urges themselves.
10. Sex is the means of escaping our little ego or self โ€” It can lead to transcendence
11. Meaningful sex has to be value based – values are personal
12. True intimacy is the union between: flesh and flesh, subtle body and subtle body, soul and soul leads to sacred energy



13 thoughts on “Intercourse & Spirituality – The 12 Ideas with Deepak Chopra, MD”

  1. Yes, thank you. Lets continue this topic in the future. And if it is already happening or happened, please point me thus.
    Where do i find, distinguish when you are pod-casting?
    love always

  2. To anyone who is a real Truth lover: Why will the previous four questions be more than likely ignored or deleted, rather than addressed frankly?
    (show some interest and perhaps we'll be pleasantly surprised!)

  3. Do (obviously highly unselfish, not jealous, etc) spiritual masters permit their wives to experiment with other similarly advanced men, and further see it as a loving gift of freedom and joy bequest to their favorite bedmate(s)?
    (I figured if Deepak doesnt know then who in carnation does!!)

  4. Deep, have you ever known, conclusively or on good evidence, of a male master teacher who is strictly interested in sleeping with males, either in rumors of the past, or in our time?
    (yet another comment he dare not touch, i reckon)

  5. What would happen if a pregnant women gave birth to what turns out to be a gay male child on an island containing no other men at all? How would the now male teen respond to a collection of people entirely lack masculinity and/or penises?
    (forgive me, i seem to only come up with interesting questions that no one else thinks of)

  6. Healthy Sexual energy release is an important way of maintaining psychological, emotional or spiritual and physical health in the human person. It's an important need of the human person. So is love and affection which is intertwined with human sexuality. My belief; American culture tends to repress human sexuality and often sees it as immoral, taboo and even illegal. Thanks for your comments Deepak. They are quite comprehensive definitely relating to the human spirit more than mine are.

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