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Within the Gita, Lord Sri Krishna says: यज्ञानाम् जपयज्ञो अस्मि। ‘In every kind of yajnas, I’m the japayajna.’

The ‘Sri Ramacharitamanasa’ additionally says: ‘The Lord’s title is the one redeeming issue on this Kaliyuga. Those that do japa of the Lord’s title transcend the ocean of sansara.’

What does ‘Japa’ imply? Ja=Liberation from janmas (repeated births), Pa=Destruction of papas (sins).

That which destroys all our sins and frees us from the cycle of beginning and dying is known as japa. Japa is the artwork of constructing contact with the Almight Lord. Supreme peace is skilled within the hole between two ideas. The longer the hole, the better of peace. Japa is a particularly great tool to achieve that state. That’s the reason it’s mentioned : अधिकम् जपं अधिकं फलम्। ’Extra the japa extra the fruits.’
Initiation into Saraswatya Mantra by a reliable Satguru, common japa and performing an anushthana of this mantra boosts kids’s reminiscence in a miraculous method.

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