Rev. Ike: "Change Your Monetary Psychology to Appeal to Extra Cash!" (Regulation of Attraction)

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20 thoughts on “Rev. Ike: "Change Your Monetary Psychology to Appeal to Extra Cash!" (Regulation of Attraction)”

  1. Since I listen to Rev Ike I don’t lack anyone I sleep have money I call money I talk to money & I love money & money loves me & most of all I attract money🙌🏾🙌🏾thanks to u🙌🏾🙌🏾

  2. Wow powerful I have read so many books so many programmes listened to so much since 2009 nothing seemed to work. I lost everything financially in 2013 and tried occasionally dipping back into LOA.I just came across
    the Rev.icke listened then just started the Circulation Money Prayer today £350.00 in my bank account.My Daughter just finished University and unexpectedly they awarded her a further Bursary!She was very surprised and transferred some of it to me for housekeeping!

  3. I first heard of Rev Ike from my foster parents and I thought his name was sounded so funny…now some thirty plus years later I can see why they were the first people I ever met to have a big six bedroom house with three bathrooms a shower room a separate laundry room so much food two big deep freezers a car for everyday of the week and another house in the back with another big deep freezer full of food all this abundance and prosperity because they listened to Rev Ike. Wow 😋

  4. 1) What is my financial psychology? 2) what do I think n feel about money? 3) do I think n feel that it’s wrong to have money? How much money is too much money to have?

  5. 1:27 a.m. and I am still listening to Rev Ike.
    I am at peace of mind and I am Grateful for this Wisdom.
    How I am truly blessed, God's Best to you all who embrace this Wisdom!
    Jesus is LORD, I am one with the Universe and the Infinite storehouse within me.
    I and my Father are One!
    I am Wealthy mindset.
    I am in good health and Spirit.
    I feel that I'm on the right track!
    Thank you God!
    Thank you God in Me.!!

  6. I have only discovered Rev.Ike a few days ago and I must say I've never been this motivated ,everytime I listen to his teachings my confidence grows a few more degrees towards attaining a strong sense of self achievement.I've never felt so much love and appreciation for my self and my fellowmen!!!

  7. These questions are so vital. They can be applied to other subjects as well. Insert whatever area you want to shed light on along with the subject of money. Very powerful.

  8. I have listed too so much R.I I think I know his sermons off by heart! I'm addicted… and life is amazing.. you gatta tell your feelings how to Feel.

  9. Here's how you know Rev. Ike is getting in your head. I'm watching some movie and the girl goes into her humongous closet with all those clothes and purses and shoes and I go " Bitch" . Then I cover my mouth as I gasp. I'm like " I have to stop thinking like that!" Then I look up at the tv again and go" That's for me!" 😂

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