Hi zen person, how are you? Today we will be sending Reiki to open healing portals! It is very special and full of positive energy. We will have White Salvia to clean the place and its energy, Lavender essence with water to purify and energize its aura, pink quartz crystals to open the heart portal and the Lemurian crystal to work on its healing and integration. I hope you can feel the Reiki energy there in your home! Don’t forget to leave your like and share the video with those you know you need. Gratitude and a huge kiss on your heart! Love, Aline. This video IS NOT A ROLEPLAY, this sending of Reiki is REAL (done at a distance) and if you connect you can feel the universal energy working your energetic body, providing you with deep relaxation, meditation, cleansing and auric and energetic purification. You can receive every day, there is no contraindication. What is Reiki? The Reiki method is a natural system of harmonization and energy replenishment that maintains or restores health. It is a method of stress reduction. Reiki is its own system to awaken the power that dwells within us, capturing, modifying and enhancing energy. It works as an instrument for transforming harmful energies into beneficial ones. 🔸 White Salvia in my store: https://www.vibrandoaltoloja.com.br/salvia-branca-bastao-pequeno-aprox-11-cm 🔸 Personal Affection Diffuser Necklace: https://www.vibrandoaltoloja.com.br/ necklace-affection-diffuser-personal-ceramic-with-purple-adjustable-cord 🔸 Rose Quartz used in the video: https://www.vibrandoaltoloja.com.br/quartzo-rosa-bruto-de-20g-a- 29g-crystal-for-love-and-emotional-healing My Holistic Store of Crystals, Stones and Incense: https://www.vibrandoaltoloja.com.br/ Instagram 1 📷 https://www.instagram.com/ energiazenasmr / Instagram 2 📷 https://www.instagram.com/vibrandoalto_oficial/ Facebook ➡ https://www.facebook.com/energiazenasmr/ Here in this channel I use ASMR techniques with a focus on Holistic, Energetic and Meditation Therapies . In Portuguese, ASMR means “Autonomous Sensory Response of the Meridian”, which uses the senses of sight, hearing and cognition to awaken sensations of deep relaxation, relaxing chills through the body and stress relief, even improving anxieties, panic attacks, insomnia, among others. My mission is to help you balance your mental, physical and energetic field, by sending positive energies, lots of love, affection and useful information. If you felt an affinity with my energy, I invite you to subscribe and follow the new videos that I post every Monday and Thursday. ♥ PEACE ** Like and share the video to help spread more love around the world. ♥ Activate the bell button (🔔), so that you will be notified whenever I upload new videos! ** ————————– ————————————————– ————————————————– ———————————— If you enjoyed this video please give me a big thumbs up! 👍 And … don’t forget to subscribe. 😉 ** Don’t forget to turn on the bell button (🔔) on my channel so you will be notified when I post new videos! ** —————— ————————————————– ————————————————– ——————————————–.