Pt. 3 of 3: Rev Ike EPK

Rev. Ike EPK PART three of three .



5 thoughts on “Pt. 3 of 3: Rev Ike EPK”

  1. PURE EVIL ! Money is not the (GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST).The wages of sin is DEATH ! These carnal men have not the "SPIRT" of JESUS.They were clouds without "RAIN",deceiving many .They cause many to fall away by their "FALSE TEACHING".PLEASE FAMILY OF FAITH.Stay away from those who don't follow (DOCTRINE)of our lord JESUS.

  2. Dynamic, Magnetic, Magnificent, I am Grateful, Honored to be a Child of God Himself advising me through the Teachings of The Truth via The Great Rev.Ike.
    Love, Blessings, Tremendous Respect to you and your Family.
    Xavier, please continue the Greatness!!!

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