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కాశీ మంత్ర జాప్


Fiercest amongst deities, Goddess Ma Kali – The last word type of Brahman, “Devourer of Time” maintains the precept place amongst all of the ten vital Dus Mahavidya. The title Kali comes from Sanskrit phrase kala, which implies black, time, demise or lord of demise. Mahakali is of a pitch black complexion, darkest than the darkish of the demise-Evening. Kali slays the ego of individual.
Seeker can accomplish the unimaginable accomplishments with Dus Mahavidya Kali Sadhna.

Kali sadhana, Kali mantra chanting provides quick reduction, if an individual is struggling in shani mahadasha, shani sadesati or shani dhaiya or some other shani dosh (dangerous results of planet saturn).
Extended sickness, incurable illnesses, evil spirit and black magic, Enemies, Monetary points and money owed, profession stability, common and recurring issues & defamation by unknown causes and some other worldly pleasures might be completed by Mahakali sadhana.

Dus mahavidya kali sadhana protects one from premature demise, akaal mrityu.

दस महाविद्याओं में काली सर्वप्रथम है। इनकी साधना करने के बाद ऐसा कुछ नहीं जो प्राप्त न हो सके इनकी आराधना बीमारी के नाश, शत्रुओं के नाश के लिए, दुष्ट आत्मा व दुष्ट ग्रह से बचाने के लिए, अकाल मृत्यु के भय से बचने के लिए, तथा राज्य प्राप्ति के लिए किया जाता है।

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