Chandra(moon) Shanti Mantra 108 Occasions | Chandra Graha Mantra Jaap Chanting | Navgraha Mantra
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Chandra Shanti Mantra 108 Occasions चंद्र शांति मंत्र
|| Om Som Somaya Namah ||

Chandra(moon) Shanti Mantra “Om Som Somay Namah” Chandra Shanti Mantra must be recited When Chandra(moon) Mahadasha and antardasha is occurring. If one is passing by bother associated by Chandra(moon) then additionally this mantra might be accomplished with religion and devotion. The Chandra(moon) Shanti MANTRA present Safety and wealth.The Chandra(moon) mantra additionally removes the malefic results of Chandra(moon) .

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