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Day 19.
Residing with Optimism

My life develops in line with a divine order
MANTRA IN Sanskrit
Om Daksham Namah

TIME OF AWARENESS (MINDFULNESS) In case you have not already executed so, begin maintaining a “Diary of gratitude”. Each morning or night you make a listing of your life and write down these issues for which you sincerely really feel to thank.

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This can be a work that I discovered merely on google (https://deepakchopra.it/abbondanza-chopra-sp/ and https://laterronabionda.com/2019/03/21/21-giorni-di-abbondanza-la- social-chain-of-meditation-which-pushes-you-to-improve-your-life-my-experience) but when somebody have been to trouble or trigger issues contact me instantly. The purpose is just to assist these unfamiliar with Web searches to meditate with Deepak Chopra. This YouTube channel DOES NOT COLLECT MONEY from promoting.

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