In this question-and-answer session, Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswatiji and renowned scientist Dr. Bruce Lipton share their profound wisdom about transformation of cells in our body through yoga, and beautifully explains the connection between science and spirituality. source

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Take a moment from your day to relax, de-stress, and regain focus through TMSOFT’s Guided meditation. Listen to calming nature sounds while guided into a meditative state by narration specially designed to help you reset, relax, and focus. This 10 minute guided meditation is the perfect way to begin your day or simply to take […]

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Filmed at Mile Hi church in Denver, CO. Matt breaths new life into the journey of transformation in the most direct, humorous and heart opening way. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Join Matt for TWO live calls each month where he guides thousands of global soul seekers into an experience of Total Integration: www.mattkahn.org/total-integration ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BIO: For the past […]

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Easy, affordable, tasty and comforting. This vegetarian soup recipe has everything you want and is super-healthy too – perfect for a new year’s resolution. Soft potato, fragrant onion, woody herbs and sweet corn all wrapped in a warm and hearty chowder. It’s like a big hug on a comfy sofa. For the first 2 weeks […]

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Winning the Battle Over the Mind Series: What is Christian Meditation? (Part 2) #christianmeditation #thechristianmeditator #rhondajones #whatischristianmeditation You are only as healthy as your mind! I know pastors, believers, and Christian friends who struggle with negative thoughts, stress, doubt, anger, depression, just to name a few. Maybe you are one of them. Through the scriptures, […]

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Our Yoga For Weight Loss series continues with this 40 minute Strengthen and Lengthen sequence! Learn proper alignment and how to infuse mindful energy and awareness into your practice. Adriene offers modifications as well as inspiration to detail the practice to suit your needs and desires! Breathe deep and enjoy your at-home yoga practice. This […]

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