Neale Donald Walsch: The beauty of the fourth ebook, it provides you precise pointers. Really, I requested God I used to be advised that there are beings within the universe which might be extremely advanced are absolutely woke up. And I mentioned, properly, it is. That is true.
What is the distinction between a completely woke up be and human beings who could also be residing in an woke up state. God, I can provide you an inventory of them. Please do. So the truth is, God gave me an inventory of 16 variations between beings who’re absolutely awake and a few people who might not be absolutely woke up in order that record really seems to be a beautiful guideline that folks can use so as to start behaving like extremely advanced beings in their very own each day lives.
Elizabeth: And, are you able to inform me a few of them?
Neale Donald Walsch: Nicely. The primary one is what I simply mentioned a minute in the past about intend to ebook this all extremely advanced beings or entities which might be absolutely woke up perceive and embrace the truth that we’re all one that there’s just one factor they usually dwell into that.
That’s, they assemble their entire lives they make all of their choices all of their decisions, whether or not its political or financial or social or religious or academic any resolution they make as a tradition as a bunch, in addition to people. I made throughout the context of the oneness of all issues, however all issues. For one factor, so that they sort of dwell within the previous manner that we used to listen to the story of The Three Musketeers , fantastic story after which The Three Musketeers used to say all for one and one for all.

As of late. We dwell in a special sort of thought we dwell in, , each man for himself and, , and the victor goes the spoils and which is a really unusual and troublesome and difficult manner for a society to assemble itself, but that’s largely how we now have constructed our society.
One other of the variations between extremely advanced beings and human beings who’re residing in an woke up state is that extremely advanced beings inform the reality, on a regular basis about every little thing people who’re on woke up usually don’t inform the entire fact usually date really lie outright and ceaselessly. Curiously sufficient, they really lie, even to themselves.
That’s, they do not even inform themselves the reality.

So, we are able to inform that we’re extremely advanced the place we start telling the reality to everybody about every little thing. There is a sure conduct of Heidi about beings that makes them totally different from us.
They share every little thing with everybody.
They by no means did not share. They do not share simply with members of the family or people who find themselves near them they share with everybody. No matter they’ve is shared with anybody who wants one thing they could have.
They do not give away each single factor they’ve they be certain they’ve sufficient for themselves. They love themselves sufficient to ensure they’ve sufficient of what they want, however they share no matter they will spare with everybody, not simply with mates or household, however with complete strangers anybody who wants assist.
These are a few of the some ways and there is oh there is a fourth manner that intrigues me a drive distinction between extremely advanced beings and human beings. Is it extremely advanced beings, see what works. That’s, they give the impression of being to see what’s efficient of their life they usually they usually do what works.
They see what’s true they usually do what works human beings, see what’s true as they do. What doesn’t work for instance human beings see clearly it is true that smoking is just not good for your home, however they go forward and do it anyway they see that what’s true is that placing youngsters young children in entrance of video video games or films or TV applications the place the slots of violence doesn’t work as a result of it provides youngsters the impression that violence is the way in which that he meant it solves these issues which after all is true. That’s how we clear up our issues need to train not less than we do not need to train our 4 and 6 and eight and 10-year-olds such a horrible lesson however we do it anyway we checked out watch video video games play, video video games, the place violence is what it is all about killing one another and that may watch TV applications and films the place there’s violence in all places.
So we see what’s true, however we do not do what works, the truth is, we see what’s true. We do the other usually of what works. So these are 4 actually necessary variations between beings which might be extremely advanced and human beings who’re residing in an woke up state.
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