Lyrics video of Vegan Velociraptor by Nanowar Of Metal. Track from Stairway To Valhalla, produced with Alessandro Delvecchio. Video by Christian Ice.
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Video Produced by Christian Ice.
Comedian pictures by Potowotominimak (lead singer).

Track Produced by Alessandro Del Vecchio and Nanowar Of Metal.
Govt manufacturing by Nanowar Of Metal.
Recorded at Ivorytears Music Works with Alessandro Del Vecchio (2016-2017).
Manufacturing assistant: Christian Ice & Temple of Noise Studios

Christian Ice:
Alessandro del Vecchio:
Temple of Noise: http://www.templeofnoise.internet/

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He drives his eco-friendly Tesla Motors police-tank
Non-disposable hero, in a cloak made from hemp
Deadly cereal killer utterly sugar free
Drowning enemies in pots of natural tea

It is recognized {that a} lentil-based eating regimen
Is the reason for a robust flatulence
His bum pollutes with CO2
So bears abandon the arctic too
And deserve it ‘cos they eat fish anyway

Aaaah! Vegan Velociraptor
Broccolini hunter, saviour of the surroundings
Aaaah! Vegan Velociraptor
Preventing speciesism and reversing the meals chain

Sheriff of the livestock in opposition to animal abuse
Changing choco milkshakes with lime and carrot juice
However he is received to watch out when patrolling the city
Because the carnivorous cow’s lurking round

In league with the Bacon Road Boys
She feeds cattle with meat and steroids
Blended with opium and bamboo
Bovines turn out to be addicted too
Turning into narco-prostitutes

Aaaah! Vegan Velociraptor
You zucchini butcher, mom nature’s playful pal
Aaaah! Vegan Velociraptor
Preventing speciesism and reversing the meals chain

On a foul day occurred a really unhealthy factor
As this very unhealthy cow and her very unhealthy crew
Very impolitely raped a younger groundhog
Named George W. Sanchez

There got here Gargamellor the reasonable T-Rex,
Complaining ‘bout the gang’s inappropriate methods
However the evil bovines went berserk and devoured him alive

Gentle Gargamellor! Well mannered Gargamellor!
Taxpayer Gargamellor! “Cowfood” Gargamellor!

George W. Sanchez! Poor bullying sufferer
George W. Sanchez! Your ass bled for us all
George W. Sanchez…

Vegan Velociraptor:
Rattling you, ill-bred evildoers
I hereby declare you below arrest
You killed my pal Gargamellor
And impolitely raped Herr W. Sanchez
You will have the correct to stay silent
You will have the correct to an lawyer,
Something you say can and will probably be used
In opposition to you in a courtroom of legislation

Carnivorous Cow:
I am going to exctinct you, filthy dromaeosaurid,
Your days are numbered, you are about to die!
You entered the flawed jurisdiction,
‘Cos the legislation enforced right here is the Invoice Of Rights
That grants the correct to rape a groundhog (impolitely)
Or grants the correct to eat a T-Rex
However grants the correct to do each of the above
If one is known as George W. Sanchez!

That stated the cow launched her assault
Hitting his throat with a turbo-flying kick
VV was counterattacking
Firing with bullets made out of soy beans

Till the cow took a secret potion, to prevail over the dinosaur
A combination of prions and elephant scurf that made her… Invincible!

Contracting “Mad Cow Illness” and therefore being
Slaughtered by the FDA authorities

Nonetheless drives an eco-friendly Tesla Motors police-tank
The vice mayor promoted him to a prestigious rank
Liutenant of seitan brigadier of seeds
Feldmarshall of the cruelty free recipes

His macrobiotic meals
Enriched with proteinic tablets
Drowned in a sea of rice and soy
Fill everybody with peace and pleasure
However not Sanchez, nonetheless bleeding from his ass

Aaaah! Vegan velociraptor
Slaughterer of eggplants, Jurassic animalist
Aaaah! Vegan Velociraptor
Preventing speciesism and reversing the meals chain

Aaaah! Vegan velociraptor
Broccolini hunter, saviour of the surroundings
Aaaah! Vegan Velociraptor
Preventing speciesism and reversing the meals chain

Right here comes the meteorite! .