♡ Music for Life Transformation
♡ Serotonin for Self Therapeutic & Non secular Knowledge
♡ 432 Hz Miracle Meditation Music

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Infinite Gratefulness for Existence
Ivo Artur

♡ This Music has been tuned to A4 = 432 Hz and 60 Bpm
432 Hz Resonates with all of the 7 Chakras and Universe Oneness
On this monitor You Will Really feel:
Binaural Beats, Monaural Beats and Isochronic Tones directly

♡ it options:
☯ 10’000 Hz Full Restore ► Rife Frequency
☯ 40 Hz Mind’s Working System ► Mind Frequency
☯ 7.5 Hz Physique Thoughts Soul Internal Consciousness ► Increased Self
☯ 432 Hz Miracle Meditation Music ► Tuning

♡ Intent:
☯ Physique Thoughts Soul Internal Consciousness

♡ About:
☯ 7.5 Hz Physique Thoughts Soul Internal Consciousness
Inter-awareness of self & goal; guided meditation
Artistic thought for artwork, invention music, and so forth
Contact with spirit guides for course
Entry into meditation. At 7.5 HZ topics who earlier than suffered from confused considering reported an ease at discovering options to troublesome issues after a re-evaluation was performed.
Earth magnetic subject frequency, helpful theta (mind) waves frequency

☯ 40 Hz Mind’s Working System
Dominant when downside fixing in fearful conditions.
Gamma – related to information-rich process processing & high-level info processing
“‘For scientists who research the human mind, even its easiest act of notion is an occasion of astonishing intricacy.
40 Hz mind exercise could also be a form of binding mechanism’, mentioned Dr. Rodolfo Llinas a professor of neuroscience at New York College. Llinas believes that the 40-cycle-per-second wave serves to attach buildings within the cortex the place superior info processing happens, and the thalamus, a decrease mind area the place advanced relay & integrative features are carried out.”
Used along side 22 HZ for ‘out of physique’ journey;
Additionally used with 22 HZ for psychic therapeutic.
“40–Hz exercise varies from 38.eight to 40.1-Hz,
whatever the electrode website.
The common frequency is within the ~39.5-Hz vary.
In abstract, when the physique is profoundly relaxed & the thoughts is in a state of excessive focus and focus, 20 & 40-Hz mind exercise could be seen within the uncooked and quantitative EEG of some topics.
It’s attainable that 18 to 22-Hz Beta & probably 40-Hz neurofeedback coaching might assist create a “relaxed physique/targeted thoughts” state of consciousness.”
Exercise within the ectosylvian & lateral cortex, medial geniculate, reticular formation, heart median thalamus & hippocampus;
Confirming Sheer et al.’s work, in contrast the EEG of middle- & high-I.Q. topics throughout psychological multiplication exercise.
A 40-Hz rhythm occurred simply previous to the topic’s answering the query. Forty–Hz pulses are thought to result in synchronization + coordination of neurons assigned to the processing of incoming sensory stimulation.
Put in “computerese,” 40-Hz could be the mind’s “working system” frequency concerned In The Processing Of Psi Data.

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