Navagraha Kavacha Mantras & Pooja – Jukebox –
Sri Vigneshwara Lagu Pooja – 00:03
Navagraha Pooja – 02:50
Sri Soorya Gayatri and Kavacham – 31:12
Sri Chandra Gayatri and Kavacham – 33:57
Sri Angaraha Gayatri and Kavacham – 35:36
Sri Budha Gayatri and Kavacham – 38:23
Sri Brahaspathi Gayatri and Kavacham – 40:29
Sri Sukra Gayatri and Kavacham – 42:53
Sri Sanaischara Gayatri and Kavacham – 44:59
Sri Raagu Gayatri and Kavacham – 47:08
Sri Kedhu Gayatri and Kavacham – 49:22
Mangalam – 51:37

Navagraha Pooja is essential because the planets are thought-about to play a serious function in deciding the future of man. All of the 9 grahas (planets) have the important function to provide us pleasure or ache in life. In astrology, nice significance is positioned on the positions of the “Navagraha” within the twelve constellations of the zodiac, their planetary actions and their impact on human beings. A specific “graha” could also be useful or antagonistic in o particular person’s horoscope. Within the latter case, prayers to the actual ‘graha’ are stated to take away the ailing results. Lord Surya was worshipped by Lord Rama earlier than the struggle in opposition to Ravana.

His grace is believed to result in energy, place, good well being and so forth. Chandra’s grace, is required for the well being of the thoughts and consequently the physique. The “Rashi” in a horoscope is set by the place of the moon, simply because the “Lagna” is dominated by the Solar. Lord Angaraka, is the moulder of leaders of nations. He graces those that rise up for reality. Lord Budha, is the giver of Knowledge. He imparts information and wonder, prayers to Lard Guru can alleviate the sufferings led to by antagonistic positioning of any of the “Grahas”. Guru is the Lord of the Devas associates with knowledge, Vedanta jnana, purity of thought, phrase and deed. Lucky beings ore these with Lord Sukra robust of their horoscope. Sukra is proficient in all of the Sastros. He may even convey the lifeless again to life. Sanaischara is a beneficient “graha” Any antagonistic impact is because of placement in a person horoscope which may overcome by worshipping him. Rahu and Kethu, additionally do quite a bit good.

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