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☸ LAXMI mantra lyrics (textual content) ॐ
Om Lakshmi Vigan Shri Kamala,
Dharigan Svaha

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OM – (ॐ) primordial sound. This sound symbolically embodies the divine therapeutic vitality, or Shakti, and its three primary facets: creation, preservation, and liberation. Om represents a direct path to experiencing the depth of actuality and consciousness itself.
SHRI – Actually means auspicious, and is used as an honorific title earlier than names.
Kamala – One of many names of Lakshmi, means the Lotus-like goddess.
DHARIGAN + VIGAN – Untranslatable combos of sounds, on this case, the attraction and epithets of Goddess Lakshmi
SVAHA – Hail! Might a blessing relaxation on! or So be it!

Sri, generally often called Lakshmi and in addition referred to as Sri Lakshmi, is likely one of the hottest and broadly worshiped Goddesses in Hindu custom since pre-Buddhist interval.
The earliest legend states that Sri is born because of austerities of Prajapati, and he or she represents ten qualities and objects, particularly, meals, royal energy, common sovereignty, information, energy, holy luster, kingdom, fortune, bounteousness, and sweetness.
The earliest Vedic literature doesn’t have any goddess named Sri Lakshmi or Lakshmi, however Sri seems in a number of Vedic hymns, and Sri is indicative of a number of optimistic attributes together with magnificence, glory, energy, functionality, and better rank. In later Vedic literature, Sri signified the ruling energy and the majesty of kings. Sri-Sukta, a hymn appended to the Rig Veda, is a well-known Vedic chant, extolling Sri, and presents an in depth account of her, each conceptually and visually. The hymn additionally associates her with lotus and elephant an affiliation, which has not modified in subsequent historical past

● ▬ ☸ HOW TO USE LAXMI MANTRA lakshmi pooja ☸ ▬●
Lakshmi, Padma & Kamala are the names of the Goddess of happiness, #wealth, magnificence, #prosperity & achievement of all wishes. Related to the lotus, as a result of within the myths of her beginning she seems with a lotus in her palms or sitting on a lotus. Lakshmi is taken into account the spouse of Vishnu
Listening of the laxmi mantra helps to realize happiness, enhance materials prosperity & fulfill all wishes, in addition to non secular advantages akin to love, information, peace & heaven’s mercy.
It is strongly recommended that this mantra be listening to every day, thrice without delay. And so for a month (thirty days). It’s mentioned that the most effective outcome will be obtained should you listening to this mantra simply after awakening & earlier than sleeping
When laxmi mantra is repeated, you need to have a form, grateful & receptive coronary heart. For a stronger impact, you need to focus in your wishes & think about that each one of them have already been fulfilled by the #Divine & magical means. Really feel the enjoyment & gratitude. That is essential! In case your coronary heart will probably be heavy the outcome will probably be weak!

● ▬ ☸ What’s mantra? Mantra definition ☸ ▬●
Mantras (chants) are sounds made up of sacred Sanskrit syllables, which assist us to enhance our vitality. #Chanting highly effective mantras or listening to them give us entry to the Divine Forces, convey concord in our thoughts, physique & after all units our coronary heart on a wave of divine vitality, bringing bliss into our inside world

#mantra got here from India, it’ a particular set of sacred sounds that creates a resonance impacts on our vitality. So after all regardless of to take heed to the mantra or chant it, however impact will probably be higher if mentally repeat the textual content thus the blissful inside state will probably be achieved sooner
NUMBER of REPEATS: Take a course for 1 month: In response to hindu rituals repeats needs to be a number of of 9 (as common – 108 occasions will probably be nice), BUT MOST IMPORTANT – pay attention three occasions a day, does not matter what number of occasions
TIME: Finest impact will probably be should you pay attention three occasions a day – morning, afternoon & night (earlier than bedtime)
PHYSICAL CONDITION: be calm & calm down your physique so the vitality of the sound can have the utmost impact
EFFECT: When the variety of chanting reaches a sure worth (after 1 month), you’ll discover ways to resolve many issues, obtain realization of your potential, concord inside you & bliss. Simply repeat inwardly: “I CAN DO EVERYTHING I WANT! I WILL DO! MY FORTUNE IS WITHIN ME!”. Simply say magic phrases: “I WILL SUCCEED IN ALL MY EFFORTS! MY DESTINY IS IN MY HANDS!

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