There’s “you” in “youth” and “younger” since you had been you by ~100% at beginning and nonetheless 75% in youth up till 6 years of age the place you “beta-mindset-ize” from “alpha” of youth and change into “not you,” however a materialistic soup of materialistic soup largely by environmental indoctrination and these newly fashioned beliefs take over from there.

We additionally bodily go from 60 trillion physique cells to ET with 600 trillion micro organism cells. Coincidence? Not. There’s a DIRECT correlation and connection. The environment is each psychological and “bodily” and poisonous … beginning at the start of the Age of Pisces, the “darkish ages” 2000 years in the past.

There are all types of issues we are able to do, EXCEPT struggle unhealthy micro organism itself which is in every single place. That is “The Archon.” It’s micro organism that controls the whole lot in and outdoors of us after age six. However truly is begins as quickly as you begin consuming and your stool first smells. The Archon have already invaded you. Now you KNOW why many Jews keep away from germs just like the plague excuse the pun.

36:55 … now you see why I inform folks to take Vitamin B. It actually repairs unhealthy dna/genes.