Michael Bernard Beckwith – Wednesday February, 11 2015

Message from Michael Bernard Beckwith on his talk called “Your Purpose, Your Mission, and Your Assignments”— emphasizing that we all share the same purpose: to reveal the face of Divinity, and that each of us has a unique mission with different assignments to fulfill that help us manifest that purpose.This short video will remind and empower you to listen to your inner wisdom which will enable you to create a magnificent life.

When you look at yourself honestly, you don’t really want titles or possessions, what you really want is an assignment uniquely designed for you. This week, before you leave your home, stop, breathe and ask the Universe, “What is my assignment for today?” As you listen, you’ll be guided to be and do what is unique for you to do, and all that you need will show up.

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8 thoughts on “Michael Bernard Beckwith – Wednesday February, 11 2015”

  1. I watched this video a few days ago but I didn't comment. That next morning after my yoga class, I sat in asked myself "what is my assignment for today". It's four days later and I finally received an answer. The thought popped in my head to "offer my Reiki healing services on my YT channel" and "pull a Angel Reading card and share on social media everyday". I'm always on social media, I have accounts on every SM site out there so it's perfect that I was chosen to share my services on YT and readings on Instagram/FB/Twitter/Linkedin/Google+/etc… i'm ore than excited and happy!!!!

  2. Thank you for the spiritual insights and reminders.  Rev. Michael, I listen to your music CD "Transcendance" almost every morning to kick start my day.  I dance around and get my groove on.  And it helps me so much to get out of anxiety and puts things into proper spiritual perspective.  Much Gratitude, Linda Romano

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