Today, We Meditate along with a simple, beautiful yet a very powerful mantra – mantra to overcome attachment – to let go . be it emotional attachment or attachment to material things or not so material things.

We all get attached to things we like, people we love, attention we get from others.. its perfectly normal.. we are human beings .. and this is what makes us human. But problem arises when these attachment become a hinderance for us to live in the present. When we cling to things, people, fame, power, ideas. When our attachment restricts us and others to grow, to learn, to seek and to be what we really are capable of.

And often it seems very difficult for us to let go… and this mantra is just there to help us in those difficult times. Understand the meaning, meditate upon it and chant along. We hope this will help you 🙂

Infinite Love and Gratitude.


Moh mohiā jānai ḏūr hai.
Kaho Nānak saḏā haḏūr hai. ||

Infatuated with emotional attachment, we think that its a very long journey towards enlightenment, towards being one with oneself, towards living in the moment. Says Nanak, it is here, now. available to all of us. ||

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