Whats up!
안녕하세요 여러분~

It was my birthday right this moment so I simply got here right here to say thanks a lot for supporting my channel ❤
Every one in all you give me a brand new motive to stay each single day.
So thanks for present on this stunning world along with your stunning soul. ❤❤


Lisa’s voice coz why not hehe😉

Advantages :
🎤 Have lisa’s voice
🎤 Sing precisely like Lisa
🎤 Rap precisely like Lisa
🎤 Get your voice acknowledged as lisa’s twin
🎤 Sing and rap in any language fluently
🎤 Be glad along with your similarity

Tune used : Fairly Savage by Blackpink
Picture supply : pinterest.com

Pay attention for 4 – 6 instances a day.
Drink numerous water whereas listening.
Follow singing and rapping often.
Do not overstress over outcomes.
Outcomes might differ from 1 week to three months based mostly in your unconscious.
Comply with your desires and fervour.

Love you all 💙
사랑해요 💙