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Hi there All ! I’m Dr.Shiva Kumar , i’m a naturopathy practitioner,psychologist,Medical Hypnotic Regression Therapist,NLP Grasp Coach,Neuro Semantics Coach,Hypnotist,Life Coach and Motivational speaker.

we established to remodel folks in well being and wealth in all 360 levels.
we’ve got devoted separate channel is the for well being…..its very helpful for each particular person.meals is drugs.we will heal all of the illnesses and correct life model we educate them completely with none business pursuits.

About wealth:
we’re conducting coaching lessons to enhance their wealth simply as doable as their very own.we discover out their weaknesses and strengths of their thoughts and information based mostly on that.if particular person transforms each one can earn lot of cash,incomes shouldn’t be rely upon the training,household background and never on current circumstances.
If particular person need to profitable or earn cash first the particular person has to remodel.with out change the particular person thought course of it is going to be unattainable to success in life.we’ll assist them to achieve their targets.

we practice them and we conduct completely different sorts of workshops( for two days,10 days residential and 100 days ) on life transformation based mostly on NLP,NEURO CEMATNICS,HYPNOSIS and psychology.

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electronic mail: shiva@mimamsa.co
Telephone:+91 9000 254 254.
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