This is part 2 of 7 dynamic, kundalini, pranayama exercises that are practiced in a sequence. For more videos visit the channel on You Tube.

Kapalabhati: two rounds of 100, work up to two rounds of 500 over time.
Inhale 2/3 of capacity, then exhale rapidly through the nose by pumping the low abdomen. Focus on the exhale, as the inhale will occur spontaneously.
Massages uterus, ovaries, testes, and prostate.
Lowers PSA
Improves glomerular filtration and kidney function.
Massages Kidneys, adrenals, diaphragm, and liver.
Can decrease viral hepatitis load
Goes to bone marrow improving iatrogenisis.
Good for anemia.
Clears the mind.
Clears lipomas.
Is light promoting.

*The rest between rounds improves capillary circulation and oxygenation, and strengthens the visceral organs.

**External Retention: Done at the end of each kapalabhati round, at last exhale. Exhale all the way, like in Bhastrika, then perform the chin lock, abdominal lock, and root lock. Release then pause for 2 minutes.