International Yoga Day | Sunday June 21. YOGA IS … NOT LETTING YOUR LIGHT ECLIPSE. The Return to Yoga in 10 Asanas. 7.30 AM (Ecu-Col time) Live broadcast by: Joy is always so intimate and deep when, from our most visible structure, we can connect with everything that is and exists. That is, without a doubt, Yoga. Therefore, accepting that this wisdom of evolution was granted an International Day of Celebration, we unite so that, without social, racial, religious or spiritual distancing, or anything … together, very close together from the souls, we can ignite a “He calls her yogic.” Ten focuses of the EVD will be intertwined under the current means to configure a circuit of light, which will begin with a Fire of solar connection, clearing the shadows and projecting what the millennial science has given us in its code to sustain us in the Creative Consciousness. Active as we are and we feel to make the light, we will go around the World of Yoga in 10 asanas. And it will be a turn, a turn, a round that ends and begins in ourselves. The idea is that you join us via Facebook live on this day, which begins in the middle of the world Ecuador and, through an imaginary line, we will move body and soul to different geographical spaces where our instructors will offer their contribution to the techniques and deliveries that yoga contains. The important thing would be that, as well, it translates the word YOGA, the union of oneself, and we can reflect a constant of light that places you in yourself. May you once again be and feel One, knowing that your individuality is only a temporary space in which you experience that everything that exists. . . . . #diainternacionaldelyoga #hazyogavivemas #yogaeshacercosquillasalsol.