“The Truth is Eternal, Birthless and Deathless, forever the same,” but the teaching of the Truth is always changing to finer and higher expressions as man unfolds. There is a lot of knowledge in the Bible that is hidden from the many; esoteric knowledge, that which came through the great Prophets and was revealed to the inner circle of disciples.
Dr. Mac started his Healing Campaign and toured some 23 countries giving lectures wherever he went as his mission was to teach and to heal. His teachings were more health based as well as psychologically oriented as for example, whatever you might want and steadily visualize you will draw to you even if not suitable for your development. This approach changed several years later after sojourns in India and Tibet where he studied and mastered yoga, also becoming proficient in the practice of telepathy, astral travel, tumo, and healing. There are limited directions given in some of his books regarding deep breathing, relaxation, and raising the energy through the chakras.

The College of Universal Science was founded in Manchester, England, during the early 1930s where he taught courses on health and metaphysics. Some of the original lectures he gave have come to light in recent years and are published under the original title, “The Supreme Power Course (A Course of 22 Lessons).” It is now available to the public through MacDonald-Bayne Publications in Canada.

One day when attending a séance in Edinburgh, he received the message “Go to Johannesburg” where he was required for further spiritual work. This he did and was accompanied by his sister, Mrs. Chisholm, who kept house and took care of him during the time his children remained in England to pursue their education.

When he came to Johannesburg and Cape Town it must have been somewhere in the late 1930s for he taught and started a Healing Centre in Cape Town around that time.

It was at this stage that Dr. Mac was given another spiritual message urging him to “Come to Tibet.” His desire to learn deeper truths, to strengthen his abilities in life as a healer, all this had developed in him a deep spirituality. So when this message came he left immediately and journeyed through India to finally reach the Himalayas and Tibet.

As you read his books, “Beyond the Himalayas” and its sequel, “The Yoga of the Christ” you will find details of his experiences and travels in Tibet, of spending time in study and practice of the higher spiritual instructions he received from living Masters and which formed the foundation for his later teachings.