Guided Meditation: Leisure & Focus

Take a moment from your day to relax, de-stress, and regain focus through TMSOFT’s Guided meditation. Listen to calming nature sounds while guided into a meditative state by narration specially designed to help you reset, relax, and focus.

This 10 minute guided meditation is the perfect way to begin your day or simply to take a short break. The soothing voice takes you on a journey through sounds of nature, body relaxation, and breathing exercises. Whether you are a beginner or are advanced in the practice of meditation, our guided meditation is easy to follow. Make meditation a part of your daily routine and take advantage of numerous benefits including positive thoughts, relaxation, focus, and better sleep.

Download the White Noise app for free at to playback thousands of relaxing sounds. The guided meditation featured in this video is available on all major digital music steaming services. Visit to view all the ways you can stream Guided Meditation: Relaxation and Focus.

Relax. Sleep. Better.



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