Get Aware Now! Oct 2014 Rev. Michael Beckwith

Founder and Spiritual Director of Agape International Spiritual Center, Dr. Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith joins Patricia and Stu for a most vibrant and enlightening conversation on conscious awakening. A leader in the worldwide spiritual growth movement, Dr. Beckwith explores how we can awaken consciously to a more loving and delightful reality. Stu’s Views and Quantum Quotes seal the deal on one of the most profound and entertaining GCN! programs to date. Must see!



20 thoughts on “Get Aware Now! Oct 2014 Rev. Michael Beckwith”

  1. After Jesus resurrection He came to the disciples and He asked Peter, if he loved Him. The word Jesus used about whether Peter loved Him was “agapao” but Peter must have been caught off guard and said “Yes Lord, you know that I love you” (John 21:15) but the word Peter used was the Greek “phileo” which is the brotherly love. Peter didn’t get it. Jesus was using the strongest of all types of love, agape.

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  3. In one of his many videos, Beckwith said he had "revelations" and "inner initiations" that rocked his world and his dream "lasted for months" and that in his dream he was "penetrated by the universal presence" that changed his life. Universal presence? Revelations? Inner initiations? Does anybody really know what he is talking about!? Does it really have any relevance to the REAL immediacy of our lives? If Beckwith had all these insights, one must ask, to what degree? I ask because he knows that a legitimate spiritual awakening is all matter of degree.

    Unlike Gangagi, Adyashanti, and Eckhart Tolle, I doubt Beckwith is as enlightened and you never hear these truly enlightened masters brag and rehash about how much they suffered in the past and then engage in new age sophism as Beckwith does to fill time and make you believe his so called "revelations" were "all that" when in reality he is no different than Wayne Dyer in that they concoct this new age/higher consciousness philosophy and talk ABOUT it ad nauseum as if THEY actually realized enlightenment when they haven't. E. Fromm could not have said it any better

      "Today, millions of people in America and Europe try to find contact with tradition and with teachers who can show them the way. But in large part the doctrines and teachers are either fraudulent,or vitiated by the spirit of public relations ballyhoo, or mixed up with the financial and prestige interests of the respective gurus. Some people may genuinely benefit from such methods in spite of the sham; others will apply them without any serious intention of inner change. But only a detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis of the new believers could show how many belong to each group"

    I would have more respect for Beckwith and other teachers like him if they told us upfront what stage of spiritual and psychological development they are presently in so well described by Ken Wilber which I'm sure Beckwith and Dyer know all too well. But if the masses are clueless because they are too enthralled by ballyhoo, why should he and Dyer care to make the real efforts to become truly enlightened when they can fake it and make millions in the process? Sad and quite upsetting to see that even those who claim to be spiritual teachers can be just as disingenuous as our politicians. You will never hear Dyer and Beckwith talk about the underlying causes of racism, poverty, inequality, injustice, government corruption, and the pathology of the corporate state- the very forces that makes our lives a living hell and by not saying anything about it they make their flock believe their suffering is ALL their fault and not the socioeconomic and political forces impinging on us!! It's infuriating! Dyer and Beckwith are distracting us from what really matters and if they were so enlightened they would have told us about it a long time ago. MLK they are not!

    Another thing… in this video, Beckwith claims that he had an out of body experience… so what?! This would be no different than speaking in tongues. Of what good it is if it has no relevance to the perennial problems of human existence? Rome is burning!! And here we are distracted by nothing more than bullshit.

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