In early 2014, Mayday Movie entered right into a partnership with the health chain Recent Health. Recent Health, which on the time was unbiased of Health World, had a need to get a special approach on their industrial: “Our ambition was to supply a movie that might differentiate Recent Health from the competitors, but in addition traditionally within the health market, the place there was an inclination to wish to inspire by way of the identical perspective: scrumptious well-trained women and men “says the then advertising supervisor at Recent Health, Kirk Rønler, and continues:” However the reality is that only a few of us appear like within the commercials “So based mostly on, amongst different issues, the perception that 75% of girls who learn a girls’s journal have poorer self – esteem after studying it, we want one thing else”. Based mostly on these needs from Recent Health, Mayday Movie in shut collaboration with the corporate thus ready the script and concept for the movie universe. Learn extra in regards to the Recent Health case at