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EVENING MEDITATION Stay | Brahma Kumaris Keralam | Rajayoga Meditation | Shivajyothibhavan Palakkad | BrahmaKumaris Malayalam, ബ്രഹ്മാകുമാരീസ് കേരളം, മുരളി മലയാളം, മെഡിറ്റേഷൻ മലയാളം, ശിവജ്യോതിഭവൻ പാലക്കാട്,
Brahma kumaris Rajayoga Meditation Heart, Shivajyothi Bhavan Palakkad,
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Godly Variations, God Shiva – Gita Sermoniser giving the true data of Gita for the upliftment of human souls
Please full the Primary 7 day Rajayoga Meditation course from any of nearest BrahmaKumaris Meditation Facilities, then hearken to this Shiva Vani, referred to as as Murlis, then solely it is possible for you to to completely perceive it, then you may benefit from the murli and take full advantage of it.
Meditation courses are given freed from price, to all regardless of Age, Caste, Faith, Intercourse and so forth,
All are most Welcome
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To Study Meditation contact any of the Meditation Facilities,
it’s FREE..there are facilities throughout Kerala and the world over….
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Brahma Kumaris District HeadQuarters in Kerala

TRIVANDRUM 0471-2743299, 9895576576
KOLLAM 0474-2761815, 9895837479
PATHANAM THITTA 0473-4224676, 9495435578
ALAPPUZHA 9895041993, 9995868033
KOTTAYAM 9746470002, 8921689280
IDUKKI 9895837479
KOCHI 0484-2346950, 8281590864
THRISSUR 0487-2422345, 9388350847
PALAKKAD 9400649625, 9446820448
MALAPPURAM 9188533364, 7907764953
KOZHIKODE 0495-2770568, 9746334202
WAYANAD 0493-6206179, 9995586665
KANNUR 0497-2712456, 9995009519
KASARGODE 0499-4222901, 7975134264
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