Night Mantras | 5 Greatest Mantras for Good Well being and Peace Of Thoughts

Hearken to and chant this Peaceable Night Chants | Divine Peace and Spirituality | Highly effective Mantra

Sri Mahaganesha Mangalam – 00:03
Yoga Lakshmi Narasimha Mangalam – 01:08
Sudrashana Mangalam – 03:39
Surya Mangalam – 05:19
Sanaichara Mangalam – 05:57

Invocation to Deities is of various varieties. We reward and pray to the deity to safe the grace of them. Suprabhatham is a mode of prayer carried out early within the morning as if awakening the Lord, although the Lord is ever awake. By praising, the Glory of the chosen Deity early within the morning retains the devotees assured and contemporary all through the day and protects them from evil influences. Mangalams are the auspicious ending of prayers, the impact of which is to conclude and endeavor with a auspicious finish.

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