Dr. Joe Dispenza Awekening Pineal Gland and Kundalini Supernatural Subconscious Programs – Part 1

MUST SEE Dr. Joe Dispenza Awekening Pineal Gland and Kundalini Supernatural Unconscious Packages – Half 1 .



41 thoughts on “Dr. Joe Dispenza Awekening Pineal Gland and Kundalini Supernatural Subconscious Programs – Part 1”

  1. Today I had my kundalini awaking.. the most magical think I ever experienced in my life… Listen Dr Joe so long.. and I don't aspects everyone to believe me,but today I found a big lump in my throat.. I went to meditation thinking about it heal.. and after it was gone.. and that moment I realized everything so different.. there is no explanation..just one feeling love.. 🙏

  2. This is what is happening to me right now. I am in a good space in my life when I am regenerating and healing. I really got joy I am great I am in the moment.. I was thinking what's going on with me wow…

  3. When I do my energy medicine in the morning I put a bright white light over my head and I make it like an egg around my body so that’s exactly what you’re talking about the energy field and I make it it goes out about 2 feet all over around my body and stay there until I’m finished doing my energy medicine and I just let it slowly get later and float away like a cloud into the universe.

  4. I think I read about " you are more particle and less energy" in some other book could have been either Michael Talbot or David Bohm ? very interesting concept and totally innate in its understanding

  5. Have you noticed how we in the west haven’t patented the word Kundalini, chakra, meditation, etc so we can stake claim to these basic fundamentals of the Indian people from time unknown to date

  6. Isn’t this what the Indian yogis, gurujis and spiritual men have always been saying orally and in their sacred books for over 10,000 years? We ridicule and laugh at them unit our equipments also prove them right. Just imagine how they worked all this out so long ago…

  7. I have a question for the lady. What's the difference between bad kundalini vs. good kundalini? JD opinion is they are the same. But this is the demon kundalini:

    I am curious what you experiencing is the bad one or the good one?

  8. I'm going through this right now, It's a very bizarre experience being able to feel this magnetic feeling field around me, being able to push my consciousness out, all very weird but eye opening.

  9. So intrersting ❤️ Thank you! This may save my life .
    I have a question around leasing the body in medition and to getting back. It has happen to me and the last three years I have a really hard time doing daily things . Please help me ❤️🤗

  10. When we are under stress we become very selfish. Therefore, meditate; because the meditation is the only way to remove stress out of the whole system.

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