Dr Bruce Lipton – Choosing Love

“Selecting love might be probably the most vital selections I’ve made in my life.”

Dr Bruce Lipton and Margaret Horton open up about their relationship and love for one another. .



24 thoughts on “Dr Bruce Lipton – Choosing Love”

  1. Dr. Lipton, are you sure you guys are not related? Because the resemblance is uncanny. 😐 I'd look into that…😊

    Or, have you merged into "One" after all these years…

  2. Thank You Margaret and Bruce for sharing this tiny bit of information regarding "Choosing Love" … sounds as of the two of you do this well … and it has worked beautifully for over (what was that?) 20, (or 30?) some years? Yes, when we encounter events that lead to some sort of problem between us, The Best We can All do is to address the problem, as immediately as is possible, and resolve it as immediately, as is possible. and to do that with the spirit of Love … We work, equally together, toward a resolution that will be, what is best, as is possible, for both of us, or for a group, or for the world …. We do not shy away from the problems or ignore the problems, or wish those problems away … we deal with them … as they occur and resolve them as we are able to … with Love for All. Love & Peace to All

  3. that YARD, that YARD is what I dream to have. omg a rainforest/nature estate is my dream. But to the video 🙂 I hope to stay in the moment and vibrate consciously with another. I know we can do this journey alone, and especially I can, but I desire a life partner on this journey.

  4. You have to be fortunate enough to be able to attract that kind of person into your life, but if that doesn't happen, be content with sharing love to the world alone.

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