Bounce-start your weight reduction with Denise Austin’s final fats burning exercise, QUICK BURN CARDIO! Soften inches sooner than ever with two cardio circuit-training exercises that use highly effective compound workout routines to blast extra fats in much less time. First, give your burn a lift with Interval Coaching designed to crush mega energy, then add weights with Cardio Weight Coaching to sculpt your physique slim. Flip up the burn and rework your physique immediately! WARM-UP (5 min.): Bounce-start your coronary heart and put together your muscle groups with total-body strikes that prepared your physique for a profitable exercise. INTERVAL TRAINING (20 min.): Enhance your coronary heart fee with explosive strikes like ski jumps and scissor kicks teamed with enjoyable ab-sculpting restoration segments. CARDIO WEIGHT TRAINING (20 min.): Blast much more fats with energy squats and combo cardio strikes charged with arm curls, presses and dumbbell swings. COOLDOWN (5 min.): Decrease your coronary heart fee and soothe your deserving physique with calming strikes and stress-free stretches.