CREATIVE MIND by Ernest Holmes ( FULL Audiobook + Alpha Binaural Beats )

This audiobook is for the Fact-seekers and helps clarify the mysteries of life. You and I, then, aren’t coping with situations, however with psychological and non secular legislation. We’re coping with the ability of thought, the ability of thoughts. Discover ways to faucet into the Common Thoughts and let Infinite Spirit be your Information. The Infinite Energy is already flowing by way of you. Inventive Thoughts will enable you to perceive it so that you could be stay a contented, wholesome and affluent life. Written by the late nice New Thought chief Ernest Holmes.

This audio presentation accommodates optimistic *subliminal affirmations* for prosperity, development and well-being: .



25 thoughts on “CREATIVE MIND by Ernest Holmes ( FULL Audiobook + Alpha Binaural Beats )”

  1. Regarding the word….The word must be blended with belief if it is to work…..It is belief that has the.. power….WE are not sinners, unless we believe so..We are in reality, the individualized divine expression of God…we each are gifted a talent..singing, teaching, mothering….Our purpose is to live that talent to it infinite expression as God is infinite….

  2. Yet we have an ego unlike God…..God as an ego is only represted in the Bible….judgment, punishment worship, these are attributes of a KIng…Spirit has one attribute..Wholness…(love Unity)…

  3. About the background sounds, I hear and feel that there is a subliminal message that is threaded into this; must be good, along with the frequencies or binural sounds. I wish for everyone all the blessings of Life, health, wisdom, peace, happiness, and wealth. Christopher Z, Aurora, Colorado.

  4. Very powerful book. You must be prepared and ready to understand this message at a deeper level. Grat thanx to those who have sacrificed their lives for us to get such information including the great Napoleon Hill

  5. Great presentation! Thanks for deleting the LibriVox taglines. Glad you agree that announcing the LibriVox brand at the beginning of every little section of their public domain audios is unnecessary.

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