*** Thang Cao Audio *** Contact Buy: 0943.687.690 – 0357.159.662 Deal with: 7/105 Lang Road – Hanoi (No. 1A New Bridge – Crossroad / Hanoi) SUPPORT PURCHASE AND BOOKING PRODUCTS AT: – Web site: https://thangcaoaudio.com/ – Fb: https://www.fb.com/CaoThangA – Fange: https://www.fb.com/thangcaoaudio Thang Cao Audio is a Distribution Unit , Set up of Skilled Karaoke gear: – Push, Digital Wine, Mechanical Wine, Filter, EQ, Elevate, Full Speaker, Sub … – Household Karaoke Gear, Enterprise Karaoke, Corridor , Bar, Membership, Convention Room …. Thang Cao Audio has constructed a prestigious model and affirmed its place within the Sound trade, we all the time decide to: – Making certain the standard of the products as marketed, high quality. – Buyer-centric, placing clients’ pursuits first. Help for patrons who’ve bought at Thang Cao Audio – Highest guarantee: 12 months for all product objects, All merchandise within the promotional interval or gross sales are nonetheless utilized. 12 months guarantee. We all the time accompany and advise clients all through the use course of. – Wholesale and retail nationwide with probably the most affordable worth. True to the motto Cash any cash. Thanks to your belief and select Thang Cao Audio. 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