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Chinnamasta “Self-Decapitated Goddess”

| Pratyaaleeda Padaam Sadaiva Dhadhatheem Chinnam Shira Kartrukam |
|| Dhighvastraam Swakabandha Shoonnitha Sudhaa Dhaaram Pibanteen Mudaa ||
| Naagabadha Shiromani Trinayanaam Hridhyu Taplaalam Kritaam |
|| Ratyaasaktha Manobhavo Paridradhaan Dhyaayet Jjvaa Sannibhaam ||

Means,Her left foot ahead in battle, she holds her severed head and a knife. Bare, she drinks voluptuously the stream of the blood nectar flowing from her beheaded physique. The jewel on her brow is tied with a serpent. She has three eyes. Her breasts are adorned with lotuses. Inclined in direction of lust, she sits erect above the god of affection, who exhibits indicators of lustfulness. She appears to be like just like the purple hibiscus.

Chhinnamasta” is related to the idea of self-sacrifice or eliminating undesirable Need, in addition to the awakening of the Kundalini.

The identify “Chhinnamasta” is compound of two phrases: the primary is “Chinna” that means remoted and “Masta” that means head. Thus, Chhinnamasta is the one who’s with out head or a severed head. She severed her head by personal and maintain in a single hand, as an emblem of self sacrificing.

She can also be identified with different names like Chhinnamastika Prachanda Chandika. Her look is absolutely completely different kind different Goddess, as a fearsome, terrible or livid side of of divine mom, amongst ten Maha-Vidyas. Character clever, She combines all of the three Gunas, specifically, “Satwa, Rajas and Tamo”, and therefore is effectively often known as “Trigunmayee” (one who’ve all three varieties of pure properties or Gunas). She represents the change of cycle within the Universe.

The whole lot that’s within the Universe is expounded to this cycle. When the deterioration is greater than the creation, it causes her prominence and the method is reversed and as soon as once more,creation is greater than deterioration. She can also be well-known by her one other identify referred to as “Vajra-Vairochiynea” due to legendary demons Hiranyakashyap, Vaiorchan and so forth. Adoration of Goddess Chhinnamasta, and her existence may also be present in Jainism and Buddhism. In Buddhism she is named Chhinnamunda Vajravarahi.

She signifies in direction of an everlasting reality that, life is nourished by dying and life, dying and intercourse is inter-related with one another and the final word future of sexual want is to perpetuate extra life. She is an emblem of self-control, management over ever-growing want,which have to be achieved earlier than enterprise profitable yogic follow. She represents the management of want throughout Yogic follow and the suppression of sexual lust.

Word – Compositing Animation and Music Composition has all executed by me. Copyright guidelines apply.

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