It is a 20 minutes guided meditation provided by Thich Nhat Hanh, a part of the Plum Village Important Meditations within the free Plum Village app:

**”Inhaling, I do know I’m inhaling.**
**Respiration out, I do know I’m respiratory out.**

After saying these sentences we are able to abbreviate them by saying “In” as we breathe in and “Out” as we breathe out. We do not attempt to management our respiratory. Whether or not our in-breath is lengthy or brief, deep or shallow, we simply breathe naturally and shine the sunshine of mindfulness on it. Once we do that we discover that, the truth is, our respiratory does turn out to be slower and deeper

**Inhaling, my in-breath has turn out to be deep.**
**Respiration out, my outbreath has turn out to be sluggish. **

We do not have to make an additional effort. It simply turns into deeper and slower by itself, and we acknowledge that. In a while, you’ll discover that you’ve turn out to be calmer and extra comfy.

**Inhaling, I calm my physique and my thoughts. **
**Respiration out, I ease all the pieces.**

I’m not struggling anymore.

“Inhaling, I smile. Respiration out, I launch all my worries and anxieties. Smile/launch.” We’re in a position to smile to ourselves and launch all our worries. There are greater than 300 muscle tissue in our face, and after we know methods to breathe in and smile, these muscle tissue can calm down. That is “mouth yoga.” We smile and are in a position to launch all our emotions and feelings.

**Inhaling, I set up myself within the current second.**
**Respiration out, I do know this can be a fantastic second.**
**Current second,**
**fantastic second.**

Nothing is extra treasured than being within the current second absolutely alive and conscious.

**In, out**
**Deep, sluggish**
**Calm, ease**
**Smile, launch**
**Current second, fantastic second.**

If you happen to use this poem throughout sitting or strolling meditation, it may be very nourishing and therapeutic. Follow every line for so long as you would like