Dr Bruce Lipton shares how human evolution continues to rapidly occur, in this day and age. He takes us into how our conditioning has made us to believe that we are powerless, and how we have handed our personal power over to others.

In this conversation, he delves into:
* Baby boomers and Millennials; how they connect with and perceive the world.
* Conscious parenting and how our upbringing molds our belief systems and values.
* How our beliefs, not our genes, determine our health.
* Why Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy has little to do with genetics and more to do with what she believes.

Bruce Liption also debunks the popular myth that Charles Darwin is the originator of The Theory of Evolution. He informs us that Jean-Baptist Lamarck started the study of what is now known as The Theory of Evolution.

Dr Bruce Lipton is the author of; The Biology of Belief, Spontaneous Evolution and his latest The Honeymoon Effect. He is also the foremost thought-leader on conscious evolution.

For more info see: http://talkpossibility.innercoaching.co.za/bruce-lipton-on-human-evolution-today-rebroadcast-episode-84/

(NOTE- this was previously published in our Let’s Talk Possibility podcast channel, but due to unfortunate circumstances that channel was deleted by accident, and all the podcasts lost. Due to the popularity of this podcast, we are republishing it here for your enjoyment and learning.
– Telana)