Brown College Scholar Received't Settle for Veganism: DEBATE A VEGAN

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Whilst giving a speaking tour at Ivy League campuses in America, I took the opportunity to do on-campus vegan outreach, leading to many interesting conversations with the college students.


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44 thoughts on “Brown College Scholar Received't Settle for Veganism: DEBATE A VEGAN”

  1. I have intensively studied philosophy (kant, nietzsche, freud, aristotle, schopenhauer, harris) and read valuable literature on ethics, but also antropology, epistemology, etc. and this guy is so ignorant, he doesnt even realize that rationality is working AGAINST him… he has probably just read descartes' position on animal-machine, which is so backwards and wrong that it hurts to listent to this ignoramus… there can be idiots, even IN university.

  2. I disagree with that animal do not have moral…….. Animals have bigger moral code then human,……..animals do not kill for fun, the human does !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Future White Collar Criminal kid: "If I….if I…am driving….and decide, you know, I need to go…I….Something I do that slows you down, if I cut you off or something…but if the net effect of that action is that I get where I'm going… sooner.. than whatever delay I cause for you slowed you down? I would say that that is okay for me to do."

  4. A lion is built to be a carnivorous. As a so called omivore that would mean if humans were built that way the carnivorous side of the human would kill and eat an animal that was just living with your bare hands and teeth. Yet that thought alone I'm sure in your mind is nearly an impossible thing to do. According to the Bible God made man to be vegan. I give the vegetation of the land.

    After disobedience, resistance etc God realizes man at this point is still primitive, barbaric and not spiritually conscious enough to remain vegan. God permits flesh eating with certain anim animals. Yet never encourages torture or cruelty. This I believe is also a way for man to see that craving flesh (meat from animals and craving immoral sexual activity) is metaphoric. That craving is keeping man from their core or getting back to their Devine core of complete spiritual, loving, wise beings.

  5. If there are two ways of doing something and one is less painful than the other then the painless option would be chosen every time of course it would, but there is another choice here, a third choice, and that is to NOT pay for the other two choices!

  6. There's this idea that morality has something to do with pursuing feeling good and it is completely wrong. Your body rewards you with good feelings when you do something it perceives as beneficial for it to encourage increases in behavior of that type. So don't pursue the feelings, pursue the things that are good for you. Sometimes they will feel good. Sometimes they wont, and either way your will and sentience is only an illusion anyway.

  7. There is no reason to believe that will exists. If you know something is in your interests, it is only rational to act towards it, but there is no reason to think that you choose to act towords your own best interests. No matter what decision you make, it was ultimately determined by something that you were not conscious of whether you realize it later or not. Consciously agreeing to pursue your best interests or what you think is moral or whatever is deterministic. You merely think you choose when in reality your mind was made up in advance an overwhelming amount of the time and even the process of thinking about it is just giving your brain time to so the mental math that it is made to do to ensure your survival. In sum, will, and consequently morality, is ultimately a farce, an illusion no matter how useful.

  8. Eat whatever you want, just eat that vegan diet knowing that veganism is worse for human health and the environment than eating properly raised and wild caught animals. If it about morality, okay, that’s an opinion. The lion isn’t wrong for eating a gazelle. Circle of life. Personally, I won’t choose a way of eating that worse for my health and the environment.

  9. Thought I’d write a comment.. but holy mackerel!! Just read others and well you folks cover it and took the words out of my mouth! You are as awesome as Ed 🙂

  10. The college student is ignorant to the FACT that animal products are essential for optimum health in humans. I never eat meat for pleasure. It is only for nutritional value. Both of these guys are misguided and uninformed.

  11. So, seriously – “you can say I’m sorry that something that I got benefit from caused harm to you, without saying that I shouldn’t have done that thing.” In other words, giving a false apology is the answer.

  12. I'm wondering what Ed would argue when someone is for example suffering from IBS or have allergies to chick peas etc. I wanna know for myself, I find it hard to have an argument for that one.

  13. Dude trying really hard to figure out how to not justify rape with his reasoning. "Um, if you get more pleasure than the other person gets pain…" ~Wait, no, then if they're unconscious or drugged or a kid that doesn't understand what's happening then… shit, gotta think of something else…~ "Um, I mean, if you hurt the other person compassionately?" like wtf bro

  14. Everybody is hating on this guy but he had great arguments. Ed makes eating animals into a moral issue. The guy builds his argument on morality existing as a human concept. A subjective measurement. I mean what is the difference between eating a plant and a cow, objectively? Nothing. But there is a subjective measurement. It is clearly different, right?

  15. Good debate. Keep up the hard work and keep spreading the word of Veganism. Our senses are not attracted to bloody dead corpses. Our senses are attracted to fruit! In raw natural nature, we would eat what appeals to our senses. Dead body’s are not appealing to our senses, yet they are appealing to actual carnivores.


    Listening to his justification in being an ANIMAL ABUSER make me want to Vomit 🤢

    On,y trouble is his position is held by literally Billions of the humans‼️


    “You don’t feel what you choose NOT to s👀”

    may I please ask, do you Pay #HARMERS and #Hitmen to BE cruel, as I used to 😔 or do you personally enslave, abuse and murder 🔪 your VICTIMS?




    Thankfully I Smashed👊🏼Through my cognitive dissonance and am No longer one of the humans – now I’m Vegan 🌱 and choose #LeastHarm for ALL fellow Animals 🌱


  17. Go Ed!You smash it!21 years vegan here and strong!Your patience and humility is amazing and allows you to stick with people when most would give up.

  18. It’s always going to be difficult to discuss this subject with someone who has thoroughly thought through all the aspects of this subject. As Ed always says most of us rarely consider the suffering of the animals we eat.

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