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My mission is to drastically enhance your life by serving to you break dangerous habits, construct and hold new wholesome habits to make you the very best model of your self.

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0:00 Intro music by: SoundSage
0:33 A lot of what Gregg shares is unimaginable, vital, esoteric new discoveries which might be peer-reviewed science that is merely not making it into the mainstream information
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5:05 Lots of people Gregg’s age are winding down; however Gregg and his workforce have made a acutely aware determination to upsize!
6:43 Origin of species, basis of financial system based mostly on survival of fittest & competitors
7:52 nature is predicated on cooperation; not competitors
8:18 longevity trade is cooperative – Watch Brent’s longevity interviews
9:18 Watch Gregg’s Gaia particular “Radical Longevity”
10:30 GaiaSphere Radical Longevity occasion March 14th-15th 2020
11:30 occasion stay & streaming
11:45 Solely strategy to obtain longevity is therapeutic; new discoveries displaying human physique can cease harm & heal given proper setting
12:05 people are the one recognized species that has the power to self-regulate by selections we make like thought feeling, emotion, perception, vitamin, motion, exterior & inner setting to heal
13:04 new philosophy rising means that consciousness informs itself by way of its creations
16:15 neuroplasticity and bioplasticity
19:16 quite a lot of what Gregg simply shared will likely be expanded upon at GaiaSphere Radical Longevity occasion March 14th-15th 2020, together with methods to do these issues
19:43 New ebook popping out Might 5, 2020; not technical, based mostly on discovery in 20th century by Benjamin Lee Whorf 
20:20 In Hopi language there are not any phrases to explain previous or future; every little thing is now
21:21 Phrases we use decide not solely how we predict however what we’re able to fascinated about 
21:39 we converse to ourselves about 60-80,000 occasions/day 
21:49 The phrases and the phrases decide how the neurons within the mind wire collectively
22:54 we’ve all the time had phrases and phrases we’ve turned to in occasions of want to assist us cope (prayers, mantras, chants, parables and many others)
26:02 Tibetans do not monitor their age
26:52 Particular neurons in neocortex known as mirror neurons that do not know distinction between having an expertise and witnessing an expertise 
28:11 After we have a good time birthdays we connect the importance to the age
29:27 language can have a profound affect on human growing older and longevity
31:40 When mother and father encourage these pure states of consciousness their kids develop methods and talents that may enable them to be thought of prodigies
32:39 the guts is a pump; we now know there are about 40,000 specialised cells within the coronary heart (like neurons within the mind) that sends alerts to the mind based mostly on our perceptions
33:30 Coronary heart Math Institute
34:44 we’ve come to know we’re the one type of life that may harmonize our coronary heart & mind neurons right into a single potent system – self regulation 
36:31 Mirror neurons found in 2004, sensory neurites in coronary heart in 1991 
36:43 Rosehip neurons are a brand new class of neurons in human mind found in 2018 that regulate our capability to entry altered states of consciousness 
37:03 the brand new frontier is now taking what we learn about these impartial features and placing them collectively as a result of we’re a cooperative system 
37:43 New scanning know-how are revealing new sorts of neurons we did not know exist within the neocortex in people solely that give us the uniquely human qualities: empathy, sympathy, emotion, compassion and self-regulation of our biology
38:01 the micro-biome is assumed to have 100 trillion non-human cells 
38:40 what occurred to human DNA ~200,000 years in the past which most individuals do not know as a result of peer-reviewed research are relegated to very specialised journals & papers that does not make mainstream information
39:40 Evolution is a reality. It is simply not our story.
42:27 it is known as forbidden territory as a result of it seems there’s an intentionality

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