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Krav Maga Fitness Program: Bas Rutten Thai Boxing Workout (Shadow Training With SPRI Xercuffs Leg Resistance Band).

Our Krav Maga Fitness program integrates a lot of workouts that are specific and functional to our Self Defense and Fighting training.

The workout that is used most often by our students is the Bas Rutten Mixed Martial Arts Workouts.

This workout shows how to shadow train the Bas Rutten Thai Boxing workout while using the SPRI Leg Resistance Band.

This workout will increase the speed in your footwork and explosiveness in your knee strikes while building strength and endurance in your hip, pelvic area, and lower abs.

Please note the following:

1. I would suggest using the lightest strength (yellow) SPRI Xercuffs. Any resistance stronger makes it difficult to move and deliver knee strike which makes you more prone to injury.

2. Be sure to keep your Fighting Stance wide and always move between combinations to build your speed and endurance in your hips.

3. Try targeting the face of your imaginary opponent, or deliver the knee strikes higher, if you want increased resistance in order to build more endurance and explosiveness in your knee strikes.

4. It’s recommended to do at least one round at a light speed without the SPRI Xercuffs to properly warm-up before doing rounds with the resistance band.

5. After doing a round with the Xercuffs, try the next round without the resistance band on while shadow training or on a heavy bag to notice the difference in your explosiveness.

6. Students at our Krav Maga training center can use the SPRI Xercuffs we have in our equipment section and use these workouts during Open Gym times. You can sign up for Open Gym times through our online calendar at www.KravMagaCalendar.com.