Bikram Yoga Research

The American Council on Exercise (ACE), known as “America’s Workout Watchdog”, commissioned an independent study from researchers at the University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse to evaluate the physiological responses associated with participating in a Bikram yoga class. Led by John Porcari, PhD, researchers recruited 20 apparently healthy female and male volunteers who all regularly practiced Bikram yoga, and monitored their heart rates and core temperatures throughout a Bikram class. After analyzing data, the researchers observed a steady increase of core temperature, which can pose concern for some participants.



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  1. Heating a room with a bunch of ppl is not the same as a natural climate, there's no natural breeze. A huge part of yoga is the breath, so it's important to me that there's a natural breeze of air flow whether it be hot air flow or normal temperature

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  3. 28 participants is not a robust study design, and they were all exposed to the same class? No, you need replication, you need a range of participants, you need a lot more for a study to say anything significant.

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