Our Mission

I want to in the fewest possible words summarize what the statement of Mission is:

1. You are divine, eternal children of that supreme being. At your very core you are pure beings. The source of all happiness, knowledge, love, peace, beauty is within you alone. You do not have to be dependent on anyone or anything, you are self-sufficient and self-illuminated. Know thyself.

2. That supreme being is pure love, he loves you infinitely, sees you all equally and can never cease loving you. He does not judge you. He accepts as you are. You are a part of him and he is a part of you.

3. This universe is a divine family, teeming with life everywhere and everything and everybody is divine at its core. We are all working like a family to keep everything in harmony. We have the happiness and joy of each other. It really is the most blissful and beautiful existence. It a vast existence with infinite levels of reality. It never ends.

4. The souls are sparks emanating from that supreme being and these sparks are everywhere in the universe. They are perpetually coming and going from the source, incarnating here, and going back. This is life; it is the endless flow of consciousness.

5. You have a mission in this life. You decided on it even before you chose to incarnate here. That is your personal dharma, that is what you are here to do in this particular life.

6. Your most greatest freedom is to live your life according to dharma, then you are in complete harmony with the universe and complete peace.

7. Your choices made in the present decide the future.Your entire life will flash before you at the time of death and you will judge your choices yourself. You alone will decide your future.

They are very simple truths that ring true with even a child, that are reported to be true by many everywhere in the world. To know these truths is not why we come here, these truths are so self-evident to the soul that they are as basic as knowing the sky is blue. It is living these truths is why we come here. This is the purpose of life.¬† BocasTraders’s mission is to help you fulfill that.

There are no beliefs for you to adopt, no rituals for you to do. You simply need to live your life in harmony with the universe by doing your dharma.

Who We Are

OUR WHY: At BocasTraders.com we’re dedicated to serving as a catalyst for growth; providing a safe, welcoming environment where vulnerable, real dialog and connection happen. We agree with creating a more intentional awakened yoga exercise both on and off the mat is fundamental to dwelling an aligned life.
Providing academic assets and practical equipment to get curious and explore their private growth journey, through workshops and gatherings is critical to our imaginative and prescient at BocasTraders.com. We favor all to step fully into who they are supposed to be and we favor to be part of that journey.

Trust me when i say, you are capable of anything imaginable.